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Deluxe lighters

Slick®, #1 brand of Deluxe lighter in Canada, is constantly growing since its introduction to the market in 2003. With its premium alloy casings, height-adjustable and wind-resistant flames, the Deluxe category is a very popular line by consumers. Customers’ craze for appealing designs and artworks gives a significant advantage to this innovative line.

Deluxe lighters are refillable with butane, and its mechanism is electronic. Most lighters have a single, double and even triple torch flame and some have a built-in light.

Slick® lighters are 100% guaranteed against all manufacturing defects and they are all strictly controlled and tested by Canadian laboratories to meet with Canadian’s lighter regulation SOR/2008-231.

Disposable lighters

Slick® offers an entire selection of various categories: Mini, Extrafuel and Windproof. All slick® ‘’disposable’’ lighters are ‘’refillable’’ for an eco-responsible use and have a child-resistant mechanism. Slick® responds to people's lifestyles with its diversity: more than a hundred of fun and colorful designs are part of the large family of disposable lighters. The Mini category offers small, colorful, fun compact electronic lighters that are easy to slip into a pocket, while the Extrafuel category stands out with its larger gas tanks. These two categories offer regular flames.

Next comes the Windproof category with its extra large gas tanks and its Windproof torch flame. The Windproof category offers also a Survival lighter with a floatable case that is very useful when camping or doing activities around a water point. Finally, a new category called Candle Light offers a lighter with a wind resistant torch flame perfect for lighting candles without burning your fingertips! The different categories stand out in the market by their manufacturing quality and avant-garde electronic technology allowing the ignition of the electronic lighters with the simple pressure of a finger.

This electronic feeding system propels Slick® to the top of the disposable categories for ergonomic comfort.

Slick accessories

Slick also offers few accessories such as high quality alloy grinders, and 6x filtered premium butane